The 2021 Guide to Multi-Cloud Security and Compliance

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Chapter 1: Cloud Security and Compliance Fundamentals

What is Cloud Security?

The CIA and Zero Trust in Information Security

Why is cloud security so important?

What are the main cloud security risks?

Cloud computing vs. on-premise computing

“We wish for the same security measures and capabilities on-prem as they are available in the public clouds”

How can you improve the security of your clouds?

Chapter 2: Shared responsibility and stakeholders

What is behind the concept of shared responsibility?

Example: Pooled Audit

Who are the stakeholders in the cloud security business?

Chapter 3: Cloud Compliance

What is cloud compliance?

Which rules are there for cloud compliance?

What happens if you fail to be compliant?

How do you stay compliant when working with the cloud?

Chapter 4: Organizational Security in Cloud Computing

What is organizational security?

How can you improve the organizational security level?

What is the principle of least privilege

4 Tips to implement the principle of least privilege

Quarantine your applications and environments

The dark truth about Shadow IT

Chapter 5: Technical Security in Cloud Computing

What is technical security?

How can you improve your technical security level?

Encryption at rest: Protecting data, even if it has been stolen

Encryption in transit: Get the armored vehicle for your data

Credential management

Network architecture

4 Tips for monitoring cloud security

Audit Logging

The most common audit logging services

Regional Restrictions

Chapter 6: The combined approach to cloud security


Declarative model vs. Workflow-centric approaches

How vs. What

Cloud Landing Zones

Cloud Exit Strategy



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