Cloud Foundation: The (Next) Big Thing in Cloud Transformation

Cloud Foundation Team standing around a table depicting the concept of them supervising and governing cloud cost management, identity and access management, cloud security and compliance and the cloud service ecosystem.

What Is a Cloud Foundation?

The Cloud Foundation Team

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Platform Engineers and Operators
  • Security & Governance Stakeholders

Visualize Cloud Foundation responsibilities in your organization

The Cloud Foundation Platform

  • 🗂 Tenant Management: Manage provisioning, configuration and lifecycle of cloud environments (e.g. AWS Accounts). This is often an original responsibility of cloud foundation teams that requires internal alignment between platform specialists.
  • 🔐 IAM: Provide Identity and Access management capabilities for all available cloud platforms and services. Needs alignment with Enterprise IAM stakeholders.
  • 🔖 Security & Compliance: Provide capabilities for governing workloads and enforcing security guidelines across all available cloud platforms and services. Interfaces with IT Security and Compliance stakeholders.
  • 💵 Cost Management: Provide cost management and chargeback capabilities for all available cloud platforms and services. Interfaces with Finance/Controlling stakeholders.
  • 🛠 Service Ecosystem: Provide managed services that help teams build and operate application on the cloud faster and more efficiently (e.g. on-prem connectivity). Interfaces with internal or external teams providing these services.

Why Build a Cloud Foundation?

Because IT Capabilities Spread out through the Organization

  1. Product teams develop new digital offerings to address market needs
  2. Digital solutions improve internal processes varying from Sales and HR to the management of production plants or supply chains
  3. Large amounts of collected data are analyzed and processed to gain insights that nurture organizations’ development

Because Cloud Means Doing Things Fundamentally Differently

How to Start Building a Cloud Foundation

New Responsibilities: From a Pyramid to a Network of Teams

Separation of Administration and Software Delivery

The Cloud Foundation as the Holistic Journey to the Cloud

About the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model

Finding Your Way around the Maturity Model



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