Cloud Billing and Cost Management — What You Need to Know in 2021

What Is Cloud Cost Management?

Multi-Cloud Cost: 4 Expensive Factors That Are Easy To Miss

Why Cloud Cost Management is so Important

Is Cloud Cost Management an Issue for Businesses?

Why a lot of Companies are Struggling with Cloud Costs

6 Levers to Pull to Reduce Cloud Costs

Multi-Cloud Billing: Showback vs. Chargeback

The Strategic Differences of Showback and Chargeback Models

The Pros and Cons of Showback vs. Chargeback

Metering in the Private Cloud

Cloud Billing and Cost Management Maturity Model

The 7 Steps to Multi-Cloud Cost Management Perfection

Step #0 — Laying the Foundation for Cloud Billing and Cost Management

Step #1 — Splitting up the Cloud Bill

Step #2 — Charging the Right People

Step #3 — Staying within Budgets

Excursion: Multi-Cloud Organization Done Right

To utilize the cloud to the fullest enterprises have to transform their internal organization to fit the new cloud-native approach. What we at meshcloud see most with our customers is a transformation from a silo-like organization to a centralized cloud foundation team or cloud center of excellence that takes care of cloud or multi-cloud governance.

They integrate platforms, define landing zones, organize provisioning, ensure continuous compliance and provide cross-cloud transparency. All this is centralized in a tool and highly automated. Manual processes are not scalable when DevOps grows. Self-service is implemented to decouple DevOps from cloud governance and the cloud foundation team. That accelerates time-to-cloud for DevOps and time to market for the business.

Step #4 — Cloud Governance to Boost Development

Step #5 — The Service Organization

Step #6 — Running IT Like a Business



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